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Learning & Development

schema's Learning & Development ("L & D") team helps to optimise labour productivity by equipping employees with job-relevant knowledge, skills and performance support tools.

Two things set us apart from others in this field: (1) we have a contemporary perspective on L & D that spans both formal and informal learning; and (2) we offer a comprehensive range of L & D services. This enables us to develop more innovative, integrated solutions that maximise the return on your investment in L & D.

Whether it’s an e-learning module for new employees, a maintenance manual for a machinery operator, an intranet-based wiki for a work group, a training course for a team, a mentoring program for up-and-coming managers or an enterprise-wide L & D system - we can help ensure that your employees are equipped with knowledge, skills and support tools that will optimise their workplace performance. To discuss how we can improve labour productivity within your organisation please contact us today.